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Md Abdullah Al Mamun

A Student in Folklore, Development, Policy and Sustainability Studies

Abdullah Al Mamun

Associate Professor, Department of Folklore, University of Rajshahi, BANGLADESH

Details about Mr M ABDULLAH AL MAMUN

Mr Md Abdullah Al Mamun is an Associate Professor of the Department of Folklore, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Since 2006, he has been teaching at tertiary level and conducting research activities in achieving a better tomorrow for all.

He is experienced in Economics and Policy with a background in Heritage, Indigeneity and Folklore Studies (HIFS). He is particularly interested to do research work by bridging the domain of arts and social sciences in Economic Development; Folkloristics & Sustainability; Environment & Development; Policy & Planning; Indigeneity & Public Health; Heritage & Development.

He often loves to conduct research, produces documentaries, & carries out fieldwork in caring with people, for pride, of the profession, at the place & to the planet using econometric models, & quantitative as well as qualitative approach.

In the light of folklore, development and sustainability (FDS) studies, he is working how the scientific study of folklore can bridge the gap and build the mutual relationship between humankind, heritage, economic system, and environment for the wellbeing of generation to generation and the caring for nature.


Mr Mamun earned a degree of Master of Economics by research work in Economic Development and Policies from Kobe University, Japan in 2016. Afterwards, he obtained the Bachelor of Arts (Honors) and Master of Arts (Thesis) in Folklore Studies from the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh in 2002 and 2003 respectively. In addition, he is experienced in research and evaluation of action research works-based project of Governmental Organizations and NGOs.

He prefers mixed approaches in research works, he is basically a qualitative researcher. Though, he knows how to conduct quantitative research independently and is well familiar with quantitative software like STATA etc. He is confident to handle the knowledge of economic models, tools, and techniques. In research works, he would always be happy by learning, sharing and practising the tools and techniques (e.g. Mapping, SSI, FGD, KII, Survey, Observation, Sampling, Interview, etc) of social sciences following PRA, RRA, KAP, PAR, FPR, CDD, and RCT methods, etc.

He feels happy to learn and work by underpinning of Social and Behavioural Theories, like Ecological Systems Theory with Socio-Ecological Model; Health Belief Model; Transtheoretical Model; Social Cognitive Theory; Cultural Ecology Theory; Human Behavioural Ecology; Theory of Practice; Performance Theory; Structuration Theory, and so on.

He would welcome those researchers under his supervision who are eager to do research work in a challenging, creative and happy attitude with pleasure to explore and improve their career potentialities in research and educational avenues. He is happy to guide fieldwork and report writing issue of students at rural and urban places in Bangladesh as well as South Asia.

Mr Mamun has published several peer-reviewed research works along with international researchers in home journal as well as international journals. He is the editor of different home journals, however, a reviewer of home and international journals as well. He is experienced in research and evaluation of action research works-based project of Governmental Organizations and NGO’s. Together with, he is a co-founder in the Forum of Inclusive Development and Sustainability Studies (FIDSS) targeting development goals, specially SDGs 3, 11, and 13 of the United Nations.

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Development Folkloristics

Material Folkloristics & Livelihoods

Public Health & Medical Folkloristics

Rural Studies & Development

Economic Folkloristics & Policy

Environmental Folkloristics & Sustainability

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