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Md Abdullah Al Mamun

A Student in Folklore, Development, Policy and Sustainability Studies

DPS research lab



Development, Policy, and Sustainability (DPS) research


We, the people of Development, Policy, and Sustainability (DPS) research lab, try to conduct empirical and action research work in caring with people, for pride, of the profession, at the place and to the planet including wellbeing, good-health, inclusiveness, and human settlements. In the light of Heritage, Indigeneity and Folklore Studies (HIFS), we are happy to demonstrate our work by bridging the gap as well as exploring the relationship between Heritage, Environment, Agriculture, Development, and Sustainability (HEADS) issues, particularly Folklore, Development, Policy, and Sustainability (FDPS) Studies. We participate in taking action to meet the global goals regarding inclusive and sustainable developments alongside to protect and conserve the folkloric, archaeological, built, ethnic and environmental heritage of a nation. We conduct research, produce documentaries, and carry out fieldwork with local people and on their Heritage, Indigeneity and Folklore. We, DPS research lab, love to work harder and find solutions by working collaboratively on the inclusive and sustainable development by, for and on behalf of Local, Native, Indigenous and Folk people in South Asia and around the globe in nourishing a better tomorrow for all.

heads research lab



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  • +88 01711XXXXXX
  • mamun AT ru DOT ac DOT bd
  • Rajshahi University, Bangladesh

If you have any query please feel free to contact me via this email "mamun AT ru DOT ac DOT bd"