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Md Abdullah Al Mamun

A Student in Folklore, Development, Policy and Sustainability Studies

Master of Economics

2014 to 2016


Master of Economics (Research) (Economic Development and Policies)

Kobe University, Japan

Thesis Topic: Assessment of Foreign Aid Effectiveness and the Impact of Investment Volatility on Economic Growth in Developing Countries.
Duration of Program: Two-year program (Four Standard Full-time Semesters).

Details: In this research project, I examine the outcome of foreign aid inflows and the impact of aid instability on economic growth. Alongside, I measure the influence of domestic investment and volatility of investment to foreign aid efficiency on economic growth into developing countries. I use the annual data of aid-growth relationship exist over the period 1996-2013 in developing countries. However, I try to apply the Ordinary Least Squared (OLS), and Instrumental Variables (IV) estimation technique for the cross-country empirical analysis. Thereafter, the system Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) techniques developed in the dynamic panel data framework are applied. I follow mainly quadratic specification for regression, and show a linear regression model to check the robustness in research. I found the effectiveness of foreign aid has quantitative evidence in accordance with the failure of macro perspective on economic growth in developing countries. I, therefore, make policies on the alternative effective aid formula for increasing attractions to the donor in order to promote economic growth in developing countries.



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